CTE Interest Survey - Game Design and Development I/Game Design and Development, Advanced
Game Design and Development and Game Design and Development, Advanced is a course sequence in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications career cluster that prepares students to work collaboratively to refine game design skills as they apply graphic design, animation, audio, and writing skills to create innovative games for education and entertainment. Students also participate in project-based learning, enhancing development of problem-solving, project management, and communication skills through the analysis, design, construction, and critique of innovative games. Successful completion of the course prepares students for post-secondary education and employment opportunities. Students will complete an appropriate industry credential as a component of the pathway.
According to the course description listed, how interested would you be in enrolling in a Game Design and Development course? *
Game Design and Development jobs are expected to grow between 15-28% in the state of Virginia from 2014-2024 for students with post-secondary training and certifications. The annual median wage for professionals is $55,290.00 for support specialists and $91,970.00-$105,830.00 for software/application developers, web developers, and database administrators. How interested are you in the profession described above? *
Game Design and Development careers specialize in skilled positions that require a Bachelor’s degree along with additional work experience in information technology, including programming and software development, web and digital communications, network systems, and information and support services pathways. Coursework in this program will prepare students to pursue careers as software/applications developer, web developer, database administrator, computer user: support specialist. How interested are you in the careers described? *
What is the likelihood that you will enroll in the Game Design and Development career pathway classes? *
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