Survey: Non-AP Calculus Course

Many parents and students have expressed an interest in having LAHS offer a non-AP Calculus course. Others have cited objections to offering the course. This survey is being performed to collect opinions and comments from parents and students.

A non-AP Calculus course would be a high-school level course. Unlike the AP Calculus course, it would not earn college credit nor is it intended to prepare students for the AP Calculus Exam.

The primary objective of non-AP Calculus is to provide students the opportunity to learn introductory level Calculus prior to going to college. For students who plan on taking Calculus in college, it would give them a head start on the material. For others, it would provide a stronger foundation for other areas of math related to Calculus, such as Statistics, Finite Math, or Numerical Analysis.

This course was proposed for the 2015-2016 school year, but was rejected on the basis that "there was no evidence of parents or students wanting this course." Obviously, I view this course as a tremendous asset to LAHS and its students and I'm disappointed that the proposal was not accepted.

However, I am more disappointed that the decision was made without parental or student input. I feel that it is important to ask for and listen to the opinions of LAHS' "customers" ... the parents and the students. Whatever your opinion is on this issue, I thank you for voicing it.

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