Classical Revolution PHX Interest Form
Please fill out the form and indicate how you are interested in volunteering for Classical Revolution PHX. This form should take five minutes to complete.
Are you a classical musician? *
We consider a classical musician to be anyone training or trained in styles of music that are known collectively as "classical". Anything non contemporary jazz or commercial styles of music.
Do you have experience organizing events/projects with small groups of people? *
This experience can range from professionally organizing events/projects to research assignments/presentations with classmates.
In what areas do you consider yourself able to provide support to Classical Revolution PHX? Please check ALL items that apply to you! *
This helps determine where you feel most confident taking on a role or providing a service to Classical Revolution PHX and its mission to bring classical chamber music to a wider audience and increase classical music exposure and appreciation.
Please take a moment to write a thorough paragraph about your interests in a more specific nature. If you wish to be considered for leadership, please explain what makes you a qualified candidate. *
Please provide two references (phone and/or email) after your paragraph if submitting for a leadership position (Administration or Direction).
Please provide us a name, email address and phone number so that we can contact you. *
Your information is kept private and will not be distributed nor used for any other purposes than establishing new leadership and volunteers for CR Phx. Contact with questions or concerns.
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