Student Motivation Survey towards Art,Technology & Sport Activities
This survey is designed to help us to determine and compare levels of students’ self-esteem in various school subjects, the satisfaction they got from the involvement in activities related to our Erasmus+ Project and eventually the impact of Art, Technology & Sport Activities in the school life. This survey is confidential and anonymous
Art, Technology & Sport keep me bound to my School
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1. Do you like school? *
2. Please give reasons for your answer in the above question: *
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3. Is it easy for you to make friends in school? *
very difficult
very easy
4. Which subjects are you good at? *
5. Which subjects are you NOT good at? *
6. In your opinion, Why aren’t you good at them?
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7. Think of a good lesson you’ve had recently. Why was it good? *
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8. Without naming him/her, tell me about your favourite teacher.What is special about him/her? *
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9. Have you ever skipped class or school?
10. Have you ever considered dropping out of school? *
11. You were being bullied or harassed by other students *
12. What kind of bullying have I faced most? *
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13. Have I been bullying the others? *
14. What kind of bullying have I used in bullying others? If you have never been bullying anybody you can skip this answer.
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15. School is boring *
16. Do you like participate in Art activities (Drama, music, paint, etc)? *
17. Do you like participate in Technology activities (Robotics)? *
18. Do you like participate in Sport activities? *
19. My involvement in Sport Activities has helped my confidence *
20. My involvement in Art Activities has helped my confidence *
21. My involvement in Robotics has helped my confidence *
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