HWVA Health Survey

The purpose of this survey is to monitor the health status of all Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (HWV) registered in the UK. This is a continuation to the survey conducted in 2015.

Please fill out the form for every HWV you have ever owned that you haven't previously told us about, whether or not they have ever experienced any health problems. If you want to update details for a dog you have already told us about and don't have the link to update it, please contact health@hwva.org.uk for the link.

Please make sure only one survey is completed for each dog in joint ownership.

If you select "other" to a question it would be useful if you could give us further details in the space provided.

All responses to this survey are treated completely confidentially and the data only used to provide statistics. Neither the identity of the dog or owner will not be publicised and both will be treated in the strictest of confidence. This information will be solely available to the person analysing the survey and will only be passed on to someone else taking on the same role and only on the understanding it will again be kept completely confidential. Only the statistical analysis will be published to both the committee and public.

This survey is open to all owners of HWV and not just HWVA members. Please help us circulate it to as many HWV owners (past and present) as possible.

This survey is designed to be easily and quickly completed online. This should increase the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis. However, should you know of anyone unable to complete this form online who you aren't able to help complete it online we can send out paper versions. Please contact health@hwva.org.uk to request a paper copy of the survey.