Standing In Solidarity
We, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, support culturally grounded, grassroots advocacy and provides national leadership to end gender-based (domestic and sexual) violence in Indigenous communities. We support the development of local and national policy building capacity of Indigenous communities that strengthens the exercise of tribal sovereignty. We support you and stand in solidarity to defend the land and water. We oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline and pray the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the state of North Dakota reconsider consultation with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe about construction, safety implications, risks to land and water and not only re-routing the pipeline but to close the project altogether.

NIWRC seeks to end violence against Native women. We promote healing and safety for women against perpetrators of violence. Women and Mother Earth are the same- Creator’s of Life. We stand with you against the perpetrator of violence against Mother Earth, the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Women are the first environment. We are an embodiment of
our Mother Earth. From the bodies of women flows the relationship
of the generations both to society and the natural world. With our
bodies we nourish, sustain and create connected relationships and
interdependence. In this way the Earth is our mother, our ancestors
said. In this way, we as women are earth.
-Katsi Cook

We are collectively with you as strong hearts from tribal coalitions, tribal domestic and sexual violence programs, national organizations and national programs of Allies in Action, to urge the Dakota Access Pipeline to cease the assaults on Mother Earth., in opposition to the assaults and threats to sacred health of the land, earth, air, water, people and strong traditional values that greed is not the answer.

Lucy Simpson Cherrah Giles
Executive Director, NIWRC Board Chair, NIWRC
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