Health Questionnaire
This form is designed to help me determine the best Nutrition Programme to suit your goals.
Please fill out as accurately as you can :)
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Choose which meals you eat each day
If you have Breakfast briefly describe what you have. Does it include Tea/Coffee, shake etc....? *
Do you snack? If so what sorts of things do you go for?
Are there times of the day where you feel fatigued, tired, could have a nap?
How much water do you drink each day???
Are you satisfied with your weight & health at the moment? If not, what are your goals?
Are you regular? i.e.) do you use your bowels every day?
Do you do any form of exercise during a week? If so please give a description.
Do you currently use any type of vitamin or supplement? If so a brief description would be helpful.
Do you have any allergies? Please list
Do you have anything else you would like to chat about regarding your health?
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