DrupalCon Denver Volunteer Sign Up Program
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at DrupalCon Denver 2012. On the following pages you will be asked for basic information and to identify specific jobs and shifts that you would be able to help at during DrupalCon. We will try to honor your preferences but we do not guarantee that you will be able to volunteer at those times.

Please be aware that offering to volunteer at DrupalCon Denver will NOT provide you a free or discounted pass to the conference and you need to be registered at the event to help out. The incredible Drupal community support helps us keep registration fees as low as possible by avoiding the need to hire outside labor wherever possible. You will however, receive a really cool and collectible T-Shirt for your efforts, not to mention the karma points that we can all use!

Usually, there are more volunteer applicants than volunteer spots, so volunteers will be chosen based on availability and flexibility to fill the positions needed.

As a volunteer, you will commit to:

* Approximately 4 hours of volunteer service to DrupalCon, although you are certainly welcome to sign up for more!
* Act in a professional way during your shift.
* Show up 15 minutes before you shift begins.

If you have additional questions, please contact neil@association.drupal.org

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Volunteer Preferences *
Please let us know what your availability is to volunteer. Please choose your preferences and plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of a shift.
Tell Us When You Are Available!
Thanks for your willingness to help. Please give us an idea of when you are available so that we may find the best times to use you. Also, if you have any special skills that you think might be applicable, we'd love to hear about it!
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Even with two left thumbs, I could do this!
Pick. Stuff. Pass. Not a lot of brain activity, but A LOT of fun! Join your fellow Drupalers and help us stuff those goodie bags given out at DrupalCon!
I think it would be fun to be a Room Monitor!
Session Room Monitors are assigned one session room to monitor. Role includes making sure surveys are completed, make sure AV/IT staff are notified if there are any technical difficulties, and make sure session capture is running smoothly.
Coder Lounge Monitor at the Grand Hyatt
I want to hang out with the core hackers at the Coder Lounge.
Power Strip Brigade! Please Consider Helping Out With This!
Ever been to the airport and there's no place to plug in your computer or cell phone? Man oh man is that ever annoying. Help DrupalCon be a much better experience by helping run power strips! We put them out at the beginning of the show, and collect them all at the end, thus saving DrupalCon thousands of dollars which results in low registration fees.
Help Desk and Customer Service
Do you want to be the person who helps reunite folks with precious objects? How about helping people find their way from hither to thither? If you're a PEOPLE person, this job's for you. Even if you're not a licensed therapist, but have at least been a member of a 12 step program, you might just be the perfect candidate to help staff the Help Desk!
The Day Stage
You want to help out at the day stage? That's where all the cool kids hang!
Small Sign Wrangler
We have sinage you've got hands!
If I Don't Show Up For My Shift, I Will Name My First Born Drupal
I understand that DrupalCon is relying on me to: Show up for my shift 15 minutes early. Be presentable and professional.
What is your T-Shirt Size?
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