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1. What do you most HOPE to gain from taking the WTF dare?
2. Are you able and willing to START on MONDAY, JAN. 27th with the rest of us?
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3. Are you able and willing to WATCH the videos (which will be posted in a private ecourse platform) EVERY day (10-20 minutes)?
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4. Are you able and willing to DO the DARES by simply watching and following along as best as you can?
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5. Are you committed to TAKING CARE of yourself and RESPECTING any LIMITS you might have?
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6. Are you able and willing to COMPLETE each day's dare and FINISH the entire sequence (7 days)?
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7. Would you be willing to leave a COMMENT (private to our fellow men) sharing any questions or discoveries?
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Anything else you wish to say or ask before we START!?
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