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Website: wu.ac.at/exp/wulabs/running-an-experiment
Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/103ooarGe5WZfDZq4APYJ0G4jHA91MYC41nfmf0boPno

Questions: wulabs.manager@gmail.com

If you would like to modify an existing project/inquiry (i.e. run additional sessions), you do not need to fill out this form, just email the lab manager.

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Description *
A short (half-page) description of the experiment and its goals.
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WU Key number
If you do not already have access to the lab facilities, enter your WU key number here. Your key will be given access to the lab facilities. If you do not have a WU key, ask the lab manager about picking up a temporary access card.
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Funding *
Please select your funding source.
Requested resources
Please see calendars of availability here:
When would you like to use the requested lab facilities / equipment?
See calendars here http://labs.wu.ac.at/orsee/public/show_calendar.php and http://studypool.wu.ac.at/public/show_calendar.php. **Note that session reservations may only be made once the experiment has been fully tested.**
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How many participants will you need in total? *
The more you (advertise you will) pay to subjects, the more registrations you will get.
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How many participants per session? *
Including extras. Show-up rate is roughly 85%.
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How long will a session last? *
Subjects need to be paid for the maximum of 1) how long your sessions are booked for, and 2) how long they actually last, including time to pay everyone at the end of the session.
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Deception: if your experiment will use deception, please 1) describe the deception and why it is necessary, and 2) state whether subjects will be debriefed about the deception at the end of the experiment.
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Anything else?
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