BIRRR Desk Check
Unsure of what your best option is for internet ? Fill out this form for a BIRRR Desk Check.

Please be patient as this is a very time consuming task. We use this to help:

* Determine if your property or location is likely to receive a NBN Fixed Wireless signal,
if you are close to the purple area when you type your address in here :
* Get a nbn LOCID (Location ID) assigned to the correct location.
* Determine what mobile broadband towers are near you.
* Establish if an alternative non NBN provider services your area.
* Inform you of the best connection to suit your needs.

Please Note: nbn Fixed Wireless only extends 14km & needs LINE OF SIGHT to your premises, if you are further than that from the nbn tower or the FW receiver can not 'see' the tower, you may need to consider a non standard installation. This is where the receiver is installed inside the footprint, and beamed to your premises, this will be an extra cost to you. If you want BIRRR to consider a non standard location, please give us the GPS coordinates of that location.

Please ensure you have your correct address (including locality) and co-ordinates before filling in this form.
Co-ordinates should be in this format: -23.295476, 146.713776

Tips on how to get your GPS coordinates are on our website and also available here:

BIRRR no longer contacts nbn directly regarding fixed wireless service classes. Once you have received your BIRRR desk check you need to send this to nbn ( ) with wording similar to below:

"Please pass on to the nbn department that reviews marginal nbn fixed wireless installations.
Can you change to Service Class 5 as our house is within a 14KM serviceable distance from the Fixed Wireless tower, with clear line of site as can been seen by the line of sight test in the attached document."

The BIRRR team highly recommend reading the notes on our website if your service class is changed to be fixed wireless eligible and before an installer visits to do a signal test.

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If you are unsure how to find your co-ordinates, please take a look at our website - Please ensure your co-ordinates are in this format: -23.295476, 146.713776
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Have you contacted an RSP (service provider)?
If YES, please provide the ticket number you were allocated. and state which service provider you contacted
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Have you had a Fixed Wireless signal test that was failed?
If Yes, please provide as many details as you can. Reason given? Readings taken etc.
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If your house does not give a good desk check, do you have any other buildings on your property (with power) that maybe suitable for a non standard install?
Please include if you are interested in a non - standard fixed wireless install at your own cost (costs vary depending on requirements). The BIRRR website has many different ways people have achieved a no standard install see for more information.
Is there any further information you can supply to assist the BIRRR team?
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