Smart home devices - UCL Dissertation
Hi, my name is Karen Salvatierra and I am researching the smart home technology as part of my dissertation at University College London.

This survey is about views and opinions on the new trend referred as Internet of Things, more specifically about the smart home technology in which in-house devices are connected to one another and to the internet to provide benefits to home residents.

Estimated time: 5'

Note: Smartphones, Computers and Tablets are excluded from this survey.
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3. Had you previously heard about smart home devices?
Can you think of an example? (excluding smartphones, computers and tablets)
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Smart home devices are everyday objects that are connected to the internet and can be controlled or accessed remotely (smartphones, computers and tablets are already commonplace and are excluded from this survey).

4. What are the most important benefits that you would expect from such devices?

You can select up to 2 choices
5. Which of the following smart devices do you have at home?
You can select as many devices as you may have.
6. Do you know someone else who has a smart device in their home?
7. If you own a smart device, how satisfied are you with it?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
8. Can you say what it is about the device that you have been pleased with?
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9. If you are not fully satisfied with your smart device, what are the main reasons?
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10. Do you plan to purchase a smart device in the future?
Please select all items you would like to purchase:
11. If you are not planning to buy a smart device within the next year, what are the main reasons why?
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12. Would you consider replacing any of your current home appliances (e.g. washer machine, kettle, etc.) with a smart version when your current product gets worn out?
13. If you were offered a monthly subscription to run smart devices in your home, who would you feel more comfortable to sign a contract with?
Thank you!
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