Intro to Herbalism Intensive
This is the 2020 application for a three season, 125-hour weekend herbal program exploring health, resilience and the plant world. The program is led by Michelle Soto, Jocelyn Kirkwood and Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich. Our dates for the 2020 program are: 3/14-3/15, 4/25-4/26, 5/16-5/17, 6/20-6/21, 7/18-7/19, 8/15-8/16, 9/12-9/13, 10/10-10/11, 11/7-11/8.

Please fill out each question with a full and robust answer (though we have marked some questions as optional, so don't feel compelled to share anything that you'd rather not). We will follow up with you via phone or email after your application has been processed. Please note a $300 deposit is due with your application.
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We will spend time going outside on plant walks or gardening, sometimes in cold, hot, rain, snow, or sun. What would make this course more accessible for you? Do you have concerns about going on plant walks, sitting in class for several hours, or any other part of the course?
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Do you have a car? Are you comfortable being in a car for up to two hours (for field trips!)? (Carpooling will always be available.) *
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Will you be able to make all of the scheduled class weekends? *
Handsome certificate of completion will be dependent on satisfying 135 class hours.
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Tuition is $1500, which is nonrefundable. We require a $300 deposit within a week of this application. Note that there will be some additional out-of-pocket costs, including gas money, medicine-making supplies and books.

We are some scholarship positions for people of color, indigenous people, and trans and non-binary folks. In our work as white herbalists, we strongly believe in taking steps to address the patterns of colonization and white supremacy our herbal practices, and to help bolster the many forms of resistance to the systems and structures of oppression we live under. This includes trying to make this course more accessible to people of color and trans folks.

We also offer some work-trade positions, to allow folks to offset part of the cost of tuition. Work-trade is compensated at $15/hour. We will be offering work trade for the class in order to make it more accessible for those who would find the cost to be an obstacle.
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Please make checks payable to Jocelyn Kirkwood, and send to:
Jocelyn Kirkwood
1317 Spring Garden Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Paying by venmo
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Paying by cash or credit card
If you are paying by cash or credit card, we will make arrangements for payment when your application is accepted.
Applying for scholarship or work-trade
This section is optional. Complete only you are a person of color, indigenous, trans and/or non-binary and would like to apply for a scholarship; or if you are applying for a work-trade position.
Please check one or more of the following: "I am...
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