Katsucon 2019
Bookings are currently closed at this time. For additional inquiries please contact me via email kelvinsigh@gmail.com, messenger https://m.me/KELVINSIGH, or Instagram https://instagr.am/KELVINSIGH

# Policy

* If you would like to choose your photos, I will pare down the shots we take into the strongest poses and let you select among slight variations between them. These will be sent to you within 2 weeks
* Final edits will be returned within 10 weeks
* For photo attribution, I will tag you in the photo (unless not wanted) as well as link in you the description (or external platform URL), and expect you to do the same
* Non-commercial license is exclusively for personal photo sharing. It cannot be used for any direct or indirect income-generation, such as (but not limited to): Patreon-exclusivity, advertising discounts on web stores, sponsored reviews, or advertising vendors
* Otherwise, photos are licensed for personal use (includes non-commercial printing) as well as individual advertising (e.g. sponsored reviews, personal promo codes, or advertising commercial channels)
* Contact for additional usage, such as Patreon-exclusive content, print selling, or other publishing or commercial use

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