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This form is to get information on our users experience and your opinions on the bot overall. This allows us to improve on the bot and create an insight of how people use it to ensure we can improve it for all.
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Where did you find out about Welcomer?
What features do you use on welcomer
What features above did you not know existed (if applicable)?
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Did you know you can configure welcomer on the online dashboard
How often do you use the dashboard
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Majority of the time
What is your overall experience with the dashboard
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How comfortable do you feel with operating the bot (on both the website and through discord commands)
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Did you have any troubles setting up the bot and what were they? (if applicable)
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What do you feel could be improved when setting the bot up?
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What feature(s) (either a certain feature or the dashboard) could be improved upon
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What features would you want to see added or expanded upon.
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Have you donated before?
If you had donated before, did you believe it was too hard to add memberships to servers?
If you had previously donated and have since stopped, what was the reason why. Please provide the membership type you were using and if it was through patreon or paypal.
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Would you recommend welcomer to other users? If so, why.
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Do you have any extra questions?
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