Wales U3A - Castles Shared Learning Project
Our aim with this form, is to create a database and a network of links (via the Castles SLP) between our U3As and their members across Wales.

You will not be asked for any personal details, except the name of your U3A.

Please complete one form for any castle that is within 10 miles /16 km of where you live.
(Don't worry that other members may give the same castle as you.)

If you want to add more, please complete another form. When you have completed your first form (below) and submitted, it you will see the option to submit another form. If you don't have anymore to add just quit the page.

For members that don’t have internet access but would like to participate, maybe a fellow member could help them out.

Please remember to click the submit button at the end. All the information will be automatically collated into a into a database.

Name of your U3A) *
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Name of the castle? *
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Location of the castle (name of the nearest village or town to the castle)? *
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Type of castle (if a castle has been built on the site of another castle please complete a form for each castle)? *
If you clicked 'Other' above please say what it is below.
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Date of construction if known? (Optional)
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If you have any information about the castle please enter it below. (optional)
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