Parent Character Ed Survey
The Parent Character Education Survey is below. Character Education is a cooperative effort of home, school, and community. Through Character Education, we teach positive character traits such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship which serve to improve our school and community. By completing our survey, you help us identify our strengths and possible areas for improvement. Thank you for your support!
Please choose one of the following themes for our upcoming school year. These themes were suggested by our students and will be the focus of our character education activities for the year.
Overall, does your student like BCS?
Do you feel welcome and safe when you come to school?
Is school information easily accessible for you?
Do you feel respected by most of the school's teachers?
If you disagree, how can we provide a more respectful atmosphere?
Your answer
Do you feel respected by the school's administration?
If you disagree, how can we provide a more respectful atmosphere?
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Do you believe that the staff at our school care about the students' well-being and success and that they take the time to help students with their problems?
If you disagree, how can the staff better help your child?
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What is your overall satisfaction with your experiences at our school?
Completely satisfied
Do you understand the difference between conflict and bullying based on the HIB policy?
What school activities promoting good character would you like to see added?
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What other constructive feedback do you have to help us improve BCS?
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How well do you understand the Restorative Practice Approach in regards to handling conflicts and discipline?
Not at all
Completely understand
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