MP Band Absence Request Form For Rehearsals
Please submit this form 48 hours or more in advance of requested absence from rehearsal. Emergency circumstances (such as death in family, sicknesses, being placed in the hospital) that are unplanned situations can be entered as soon as you have a chance. In this instance, please try to e-mail or call me to let me know what is going on. Once received, Mr. Lee will respond with a approval/disapproval of absence. As stated multiple times, communication is highly important. Please see excerpt below from band handbook explaining the band attendance policy:

All marching band activities are on the calendar accessible through the band website and your Cut Time
accounts. This should be your main source of information. All notable changes will be communicated as
soon as possible.
Members are expected to be at every rehearsal and performance of the Mount Pleasant Band. In general, cases
of illness (must have a valid doctor’s excuse), death in the family or extreme family emergency are the only
excuses that will be accepted for missing a rehearsal or performance. Conflicts with work, other school
activities, church, and community activities along with routine dental or doctor appointments will generally be
considered unexcused absences. Talk with Mr. Lee at least two days prior to rehearsal to get possible clearance.
Communication is key!!!!!!!
Under most circumstances, an absence from a performance without prior approval will result in dismissal from
the organization with no refund of fees paid or at least a regulation to “alternate” status for the remainder of the
season. A parent-teacher conference will be requested for any student who accumulates more than two
absences from rehearsals.
Late arrivals and early dismissals must also be cleared in advance with Mr. Lee only. Corrective measures
will be taken against any members who arrive late to rehearsals. Members will not be excused to leave after
halftime performances at football games except in the event of illness or family emergency. Any student who
leaves any event or rehearsal without proper dismissal will receive an unexcused absence. Two late arrivals
will constitute an unexcused absence.
Each member should arrive early for all announced rehearsals and performances. Members should be in place,
ready to go, before the call time, not at the call time.
Any requests for a planned absence, late arrival or early dismissal must be submitted in writing at least two
days in advance to Mr. Lee. No staff member, instructor, booster or parent can excuse a student for any
reason. You may, in addition, contact the appropriate staff member or instructor for information purposes only.
If you receive an unexcused absence within the week, you will not perform in the next performance. If you
receive two unexcused absences, you will be dismissed from the marching band without refund of fees.
It is essential that we have complete student and parental cooperation in this matter. Any absence,
regardless of reason, creates a hardship for everyone.
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