Student Voice-Careers, T&L, Extra curricular
1. When you leave school where would you like to continue your education? College/Apprenticeship/University/Employment/Other
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2. Where do you plan on studying or working when you finish school?
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3. What job would you like to do when you have finished your education?
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4. What is your favourite subject in school?
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5. I have attended a careers event this year
6. The school offers regular careers events that I can attend
7. The school offers trips that help me learn more about different careers and subjects
8. I know who I can talk to about careers
9. How else do you think the school can help you find out more about careers?
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Teaching and Learning
1. My Teachers show me how the topic we are learning relates to other topics
2. I use DIRT regularly in all my lessons to help me improve
3. My Teachers show me examples of excellent work so that I know how to improve
4. I know my target level/grade and what I must achieve to progress in my lessons
5. My teachers give me feedback so I know what to do to improve
6. I receive regular homework from my teachers that is varied and challenging
7. I am encouraged by my teachers to work independently in lessons
8. I regularly feel challenged in my lessons
9. I feel supported by my teacher and peers when I find work challenging
10. I usually find work and activities in my lessons interesting and exciting
Extra Curricular-Enrichment
1. I regularly attend extra -curricular clubs
2. The school currently offers clubs that I would like to attend
3. I enjoy attending the extra -curricular clubs
4. My teachers talk to me about extra -curricular clubs
5. My form tutor talks to me about going to clubs
6. I receive rewards for attending extra -curricular clubs.
7. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
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8. Are there any clubs that we don’t run in school that you would like to be able to attend
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