Fēnix Power Customer Questionnaire

In order to better architect our Battery as a Service subscription model, we're looking to you, our customers, fans, and followers to help us refine our numeric models of both the state of the market as well as the condition of everyone's cars. In this survey, we're specifically looking for deep-dive information about the state of everyone's Nissan Leaf cars, with less emphasis on the driving experience. So when we ask open-ended questions here, remember, we're hunting for both trends and outlier style quirks that people have encountered with their cars. As always, thank you for taking the time to share your input, and we will NOT share any personally identifiable data about you. We may share interesting statistical findings publicly, or we may share quotes from text answers but those too will not include any sensitive information when we do. We only collect the email address here to correlate the data internally with account-holding customers and to identify duplicate responses.

You may find some questions you've seen on other surveys, but since our surveys are not required for our customers, we expect that many of you may not take every survey so some duplication is necessary. Similarly, we do ask for a reservation number, in this and many other surveys, this is NOT required, but please do include it if you know it as we intend to pre-populate our customer dashboard tools that will be deployed later.

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