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Welcome to our new and improved volunteer registration for the UWCGB Selections task force - if you'd like to be involved in any part of the Selections process, please let us know here. Below you can find information bit about the tasks we generally need volunteers for in each area and when in the year we're likely to need you. In all of them - we're very happy to accept whatever level of time commitment is sustainable for you, whether that's every week or once in a year.

If you think we're missing something, do let us know on selections@uwcgb.org.

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Working with our engagement and fundraising task force, we're always looking for people who are able to create digital marketing materials, create social media strategies, plan outreach events, present in schools and community organisations. If this sounds like you, or if you'd like to help put these things in practice by sending social media posts, reaching new applicants and volunteers, and thinking about how we get UWC to be more widely known then marketing is a good choice! We need marketing volunteers all year round.
Educational input
This is the area that review our application form, assessment criteria, and methodology. We particularly appreciate volunteers with experience in education or educational assessments here. You are likely to be considering how to structure the application form and update the questions on it, as well as any implications in the shortlisting and selections stage from this. You may also be thinking about how to link UWCGB into wider educational work across the UK. We need volunteers to review the application form and assessment criteria in spring of each year. Other educational input work can take place year round.
Tech and data input
We're always looking to ensure we can rigorously analyse the data we collect, be that from candidates, feedback from volunteers, or from elsewhere, and use this to continuously improve our processes. This will be working in Excel or Google forms on quantitative data, or using surveys to generate rigorous qualitative data that can inform future selections work. We need data analysis volunteers year round.

We also need a couple of people who are comfortable configuring systems who can manage our online application platform, FluidReview, with support from the Selections Officer. This will involve working with the UWC International Office to provide constructive feedback and support as well as updating the online application form each year, archiving or deleting previous applications at the appropriate time, and requesting reports from the UWC International Office, who own the platform. We need volunteers who can work with FluidReview from about April to February.

Logistics and organisation
Is your strong point organising groups of people and data? We organise a shortlisting event (usually over a weekend) and an assessment week each year that includes dozens of volunteers and a couple of hundred applicants, plus their families so we need to keep it ticking over like clockwork! You will likely be responsible for a piece of the process, making sure we've got enough volunteers, space, and training materials lined up for each event. This can be small pieces of work throughout the year (putting together a new training guide, reviewing information for the next cycle) with high points through the Autumn to prepare for the shortlisting and assessment events.
Short courses
Are you knowledgeable about short courses in the UWC movement and willing to coordinate UWCGB's short course work? This would include keeping in touch with the organisers of the short courses that GB candidates are eligible to attend, reviewing the short course selection process, and considering opportunities for short courses within Great Britain or the United Kingdom. This work could be year round, but is likely to mainly take place in the spring.
Shortlisting readers
As a shortlisting reader, you will review a set of applications against pre-defined and explained criteria to determine which applicants progress to the in-person assessment. This is a great way to get to know our fabulous applicants and what they want to share with us. If you have experience reviewing applications, that's wonderful but we do also provide training for all of our readers. You may be working in person or virtually. Shortlisting takes place over an initial training period with readers then working in their own time over about two weeks to review their applications. This is usually in the autumn and is likely to happen in September 2018.

Please note, we require shortlisting readers that are UWC alumni to have graduated at least three years prior to any shortlisting activity.

During our assessment week, facilitators spend the day with a small group of candidates leading them through the assessment activities and getting to know the candidates through group discussions, presentations, and games. You will assess the candidates with a view to which colleges they might be a good fit for and how well they match our predefined criteria. This takes place in the autumn and is likely to happen in October 2018.

Please note, we require facilitators that are UWC alumni to have graduated at least three years prior to any facilitation activity.

During our assessment week, interviewers meet every candidate during a short interview in one of our three key criteria. As you only have a short period of time, you need to make candidates feel at ease as much as possible so that we are able to get the best out of them - we particularly seek people who have experience conducting behavioural interviews but we provide training to all of our interviewers. The assessment event takes place in the autumn and is likely to happen in October 2018.

Please note, we require interviewers that are UWC alumni to have graduated at least three years prior to any interviewing activity.

Thank you very much!
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