2020 Strassenfest Booth Application
Fill in ALL categories to register your Dubois County Not-For-Profit Organization for the
2020 Jasper Strassenfest (July 30/31 and Aug 1/2, 2020).
Entrance Fee is $25 per Booth.
Informational Tables (not creating sales) owe $10 to reserve space.
Submission of Registration Form and Fee are both due by April 1, 2020.
Not-For-Profit Club/Organization: *
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2020 Booth Contact Name: *
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Contact Email Address: *
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Contact Phone Number: *
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Contact Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip): *
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Specific Food Menu to be Sold. (include Drinks and New Additions, if applicable). If you are a GAME, list premise of game to be played, and prize to be won, if applicable. Be Detailed. Do not say "Same as Last Year". *
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NOTE: If you wish to add a new offering, this must get prior approval from the Strassenfest Committee. Contact Corie Eckerle-Schwartz (cleckerle@gmail.com/812-630-8791) to discuss.
Do you have any special circumstances the Committee should be aware of? (i.e. - pairing with an outside vendor, wanting a change of location, etc...) *
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Dimensions of Booth (in feet): *
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ELECTRIC NEEDS: Please fill out Electric Needs. These are given to our electrician. If you need to change your needs or are unsure of what you need, please contact Corie Eckerle-Schwartz ASAP (cleckerle@gmail.com/812-630-8791). Information Tables will not have access to Electricity.
Electric Usage: *
Electric Voltage: *
Once you receive the "2020 Booth Packet" - you will be able to read the Rules and Regulations, and also information regarding illegal dumping, from the City of Jasper. Please acknowledge that you will read these, agree to these, and educate your workers on these policies. This information must also be posted in your booth at ALL times. *
Will you be open for lunch on Friday, July 31 from 11am - 1 pm? *
We agree to pay our Registration Fee by April 1, 2020. *
Checks may be made payable to Jasper Strassenfest, Inc. - PO Box 307, Jasper, IN 47547-0307. You may also hand deliver to the Jasper Chamber of Commerce during normal business hours.
*** We would like to promote your group or organization - via our Facebook page. Would you like to tell us what you do? Where your profits go or who you help? The name of your group's Facebook page - so we can link you in our posts? Promote your stand before the Fest? Help attract new members? Make Fest-goers crave your items, and aware of your location ahead of time? We would love to help you! *** Here is one example from 2019. Also - if you have pics you would like us to maybe use - send via email to Corie Eckerle-Schwartz @ cleckerle@gmail.com
What information should we incorporate about your Not-For-Profit, when creating an advertising poster for your organization? Be detailed - specific - clear! We want to help promote what you sell, and what you do for our community! :-) *
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THANK YOU for participating in our festival! It would not be a success without all of your planning and communication. Check your email soon for information regarding the Booth Meeting in mid-March, and an electronic copy of the "2020 Booth Packet". If you have any questions - please contact Booth Coordinator Corie Eckerle-Schwartz - cleckerle@gmail.com or 812-630-8791, or the Jasper Chamber of Commerce - 812-482-6866.
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