SF ICO 2018 Volunteer Retreat
By popular demand, we are bringing back an overnight retreat for active SF ICO volunteers! This is a wonderful opportunity to go somewhere beautiful, refresh your volunteer and leader skills, hang out and hike with fellow volunteers, and contribute to the vision for ICO's next phase.

Please RSVP using the form below BY JUNE 18, 2018 so we can send preliminary count to the Clair Tappaan Lodge.

Saturday, August 25 ~10-11am to Sunday, August 26 ~4-5pm.

Sierra Club Clair Tappaan Lodge
19940 Donner Pass Rd, Norden, CA 95724
(about 3 hrs drive from Bay Area and 25 miles south of Lake Tahoe)

Program activities:
ICO organization updates and objectives, skills refresh workshops, recent lessons learned, 2 good hikes, tour of Hutchinson Lodge rustic accommodation (good for large ICO groups).

Free for active volunteers! SF ICO will cover Sat night bunk bed, Sat lunch and family-style dinner, Sun breakfast and lunch. We encourage carpooling and will set up forum to facilitate.

Clair Tappaan Lodge
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Commitment to join Sat AM to Sun PM *
Meals and Sat night lodging cost paid for by SF ICO. We have to pay a deposit to Clair Tappaan so appreciate your help in committing. We will check back in with "Maybes" in July. The deadline for avoiding cancellation penalties is July 20, 2018.
Active volunteer? *
The SF ICO subsidy is available for active volunteers. An active volunteer is anyone who has volunteered -- via supporting ICO trips, leading trips, cleaning gear, fulfilling an admin role, etc.-- at least once in the past 12-15 months, or twice in 2 years.
Meal requirements *
Meals are provided by Clair Tappaan Lodge. The Lodge has fridges, microwaves, and food storage lockers.
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Requested by Clair Tappaan Lodge
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Skills Workshop Facilitation *
We are relying on leaders and active volunteers to help conduct and/or facilitate short 15-30 minute workshops. You do not need to have mastery of a topic to be able to facilitate a session, drawing out others' expertise. Please indicate below your preferred topic(s). Also, feel free to partner with someone else! We will reach back out to confirm the topic/facilitator assignments.
Skills Workshop Facilitation - comments
Please include any comments (such as partner for proposed workshop, or proposed other workshop topic)
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Carpool option
As we get closer to August we will post list of people who can offer and need rides, along with locations
Carpool option - location
If you can offer a ride or need a ride, please specify from where you're coming/returning to (e.g., Oakland, East Bay, San Mateo)
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Additional night?
If you wish to stay an additional night-- Fri and/or Sun-- the cost is $65, payable to Clair Tappaan (reservations@clairtappaanlodge.com, (530) 426-3632)
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