The Healthy Writer Questionnaire
Hello and thanks for helping us with this short questionnaire!

I’m currently co-writing The Healthy Writer with a medical doctor, Euan Lawson, due for publication in Jan 2018. I’ve been through a lot of issues with my own health and I’m aware of how many other writers suffer the same problems, so we’re hoping the book will be a useful resource. In order to make sure that we tackle the right issues, we’d love your help in answering the questions below.

>>>Please complete this short survey by 14 August and you’ll be in the draw to win one of 5 signed print copies of The Successful Author Mindset by me, Joanna Penn. Name and email are optional but you will need to fill those in if you want to be in the draw. THANK YOU!

Health issues related to writing: Please rate each issue that you’ve experienced on a scale from 1 to 5.
5 - Major health problem
4 - Significant health problem
3 - Ongoing health issue
2 - Minor health issue
1 - Have experienced but not an issue
0 - Have not experienced
Back Pain
Weight gain
Problems with sleep
Alcohol use or dependence
Headaches or migraines
Stress or burnout
Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome
Sedentary nature of writing/inactivity
OPTIONAL: Are there any other health issues related to writing that you suffer and are missed in the list above?
OPTIONAL: Do you have any anecdotes or stories about your writing-related health issues or pain that you would like to share?
OPTIONAL: Do you have any recommendations or examples around management or recovery from health issues that you would like to share with other writers?
We would like to use quotes from the answers to the above questions within the book, so we need your permission to use them. There will be no payment for use of a quote but (if you provide it), we will include your name in the Acknowledgements and you will also get a free, advance copy of the ebook. We still value your anecdotes and comments as research even if you don’t want them used in the book. Please select the appropriate answer below.
OPTIONAL: Email (If you want to enter the prize draw, please do enter this!)
OPTIONAL: Is there anything else that you would like to tell us that might be related to health for writers?
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