Apply for a School Tree Planting with TreesUpstate and the Noble Tree Foundation
Complete this 3 minute form and we will contact you with more details about a tree planting at your school.
Basic Info
- TreesUpstate and the Noble Tree Foundation will donate 1-25 trees at no cost to the school.
- We plant 15-gallon container trees. They are about 1" diameter and 6'-12' tall. A variety of urban hardy & native canopy and understory species are available.
- Schools will be selected based on need and their ability to water trees for 2 years.
* Schools and the School District are responsible for all utility locates.
* Final planting plans including "x" marks the spot and the species to be planted must be approved by the principal.
April - July: Site visits to schools
June-July: Review Site Plan & Prepare DFK if applicable
July: Deadline to Submit DFK if applicable
July - August: Confirm a Planting Date on our Calendar
October - March: Tree Planting Season
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Can you water trees 1-2 times per week for 2 consecutive years? Options include: student watering, summer volunteer schedule, staff watering, etc. *
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