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The strength and commitment of our community will warranty the success of the Hellenium Project.
We designed the first sets of services like; Roadebit TM, Liquid Debt TM or Dispensionate TM that will be deployed in the Hellenium platform, based on market research and social need trends. Our emphasis was placed on the degree of positive social impact each one can introduce. But ultimately it will be our community that will define our long terms strategy. We believe in the wisdom of the crowd.
Our approach in regards to mining and rewards was designed to be community-centric and the same theme will continue with our bounty offering which we want to become the seeds of a long term collaboration.
There are four distinct differences in our thinking compared to similar incentive schemes introduced by other teams.
• We intend to balance the needs of businesses and consumers so we envisage a community that contain consumers, businesses, organisations and institutions and, consequently, we devised a bounty that will benefit all
• We want community members that will help us during the ICO to remain active long term. We are keen to attract people that share our vision and secondarily those that seek short term benefits
• We see the community as our resource pool. If you share our vision and have what it takes we will give the option to become a part of our team. You may have noticed as well that in the core team we included a specialist in talent acquisition.
• Last but not least our bounty represents actually shares in the business not just tokens you can monetise in a point in time

For these reasons our bounty (see at our site) will be intrinsically connected to long term benefits. We assigned 0.25% of coins/shares as the immediate rewards but the majority of the bounty will be expressed in long term benefits realised through a point system.

For individuals, the long term benefits will include VIP discounts of all sets of services that will be deployed in the platform (we will subsidise their e-wallets) and priority into joining our teams around the globe as we expand compared to equally qualified individuals to become an integral part of The Hellenium Project.

More specifically

As we said our emphasis is on creating a loyal community attuned to our vision of reducing the cost of services across all industries and benefit economies and consumers in the process.

Registered Investors : The first 1000 potential investors that will register their interest in our site or by email tokens@hellenium.com will be offered an extra 5% of discount across all ICO phases

To be noted that the minimum amount of investment required is 180 ETH for the pre-ICO stage. The set exchange rate is 100 HLN=1 ETH.

A maximum of 3.750.000 tokens will be made available in the pre-ICO stage and 11.250.000 at the ICO stage. No investor will be able to purchase more than 3.750.000 tokens in total during this ICO.
Investments will represent equity in the Hellenium Group Business the jurisdiction of incorporation of which will be decided by the majority of strategic investors with voting rights. Stakeholders of equity > 1% of the overall business will be entitled a place in the board. Stakeholders with equity > 0.2% will have voting rights. All stake holders will be entitled to equity and free token mining rights (Please refer to our Whitepaper for more details).

Please register your intention to invest below.

For the pre-ICO stage the Escrow agency we will use is https://www.bitcoinsuisse.ch/ and the accepted currency is ETH, BT, CHF and €. For the ICO stage we will advise you by personal mail in advance.

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