NBCUE iKinder Pre-Workshop Survey
Greetings! We want to make our day together on Sept 25, 2013 as engaging and productive as possible. Please share with us your responses to the following questions. We do appreciate that you will share one of your valuable Saturdays with us!
In which workshop will you participate. Choose as many as apply.
Your name
Grade Level *
Which of these levels of practice best describes your use of ipads for teaching and learning? Select only one level, please. *
Which of the following topics are of most interest to you? Choose as many as apply. *
Choose as many as apply.
Please feel free to tell us about any ideas, concerns or needs that you have about using ipads in your classroom this year.
Your response will be kept anonymous.
Please share any other topics you would like us to address or a burning question you have about using ipads in the primary classroom. We'll do our best to include your request in our presentation.
Will you bring an iPad to use during the workshop? *
What is the ratio of iPads to students in your classroom? *
Do you share your iPads with another classroom or in a computer lab? If so, please describe.
What social media are YOU familiar with and use more than once a month? Choose as many as apply. *
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