Tower Grove Deacon Nomination
Nominating a deacon here means you are pointing them out to church leadership as someone to be invited into a several month process led by pastors and other deacons. The process is designed to train them and to help discern their calling to Deacon ministry.

The main qualifications for Deacons are set out in the New Testament in 1 Timothy 3:8-13: respected, trustworthy, not actively caught in addiction, and holding with sincere faith to the Gospel of Christ as taught in the Scriptures. If they are married, they are to be faithful to their spouse. We would strongly encourage you to prayerfully examine this passage, and to look at the origin of the office itself found in Acts 6:1-7.

Deacons come from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and age groups. Deacons at the Journey can be single or married, men or women, poor or rich, from the suburbs or the city. It is only by reflecting the diversity of the Lord’s church that a local Deacon team can hope to serve the Lord’s church in its diversity.

Self nominations are allowed. If nominating more than one person, please fill out a separate form for each person you are nominating.

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