GMAA Krav Maga Instructor Certification Registration
Please complete all questions accurately and read through the terms and conditions before registering. This registration is for the Global Martial Arts Association Krav Maga Instructor Certification.
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Terms and Conditions
In consideration of participating in the courses of instruction by the Global Martial Arts Association, a division of Hodgy LLC, I affirm to being over the age of Eighteen (18) years, HEREBY AGREES AS FOLLOWS:

1. Knowingly, freely, and voluntarily, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives and assigns, WAIVE any right or cause of action, of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of my participation in any class, exercise, use of equipment, or sparring activity anywhere at the facility or grounds or at any competition, clinic, or other outing attended or promoted by Global Martial Arts Association, Hodgy LLC, National Martial Arts, Dustin Koppel, Michael South, any of the instructors, from any liability which may or could accrue to Global Martial Arts Association, National Martial Arts, and to the instructors, or Hodgy LLC.

2. Assume all risks of injury to myself including any injury while engaged in any martial arts, sparring, exercise, seminar, or competition activity at this Global Martial Arts Association event, whether as a result of my own efforts or as a result of the efforts of another student or person while engaged in martial arts, sparring, competition, seminar, or exercise, or any activity incidental thereto;

3. Assume all risks of injury to myself, and to my property while present on the grounds and building, at any competition, class, exercise, or at any seminar either held, promoted or instructed at a Global Martial Arts Association or National Martial Arts event.

4. For myself and my heirs, personal representatives, or assigns, from the date of this release and waiver agreement, and forever hereafter, hold the said Michael Hodge, Dustin Koppel, Michael South, Jon Hodge, any of the instructors, Hodgy LLC doing business as Global Martial Arts Association, harmless and blameless for any injury to myself, including death occasioned by my participation in martial arts activities, exercise, sparring, competition or presence at the Global Martial Arts Association event, whether resulting by or through the negligence of the instructors, any other student or person, Hodgy LLC doing business as Global Martial Arts Association, their agents, servants, officers, or employees. Should I, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, institute any action against Michael Hodge, Dustin Koppel, Michael South, Jon Hodge, any of the instructors, Hodgy LLC doing business as Global Martial Arts Association, arising out of injury to myself or property, as a result of my participation in martial arts class, competition, sparring, or exercise, then and in that 1 event, I, for myself and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns, HEREBY AGREE to pay all costs of such action, including attorney fees incurred by them.

5. Understand that participation in martial arts including classes, exercises, competitions, seminars, or sparring requires that I have and maintain reasonable fitness including strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as good basic health. I agree to use my own good judgment based on my fitness in how much of the activities of class, exercise, competition, seminar, or sparring I participate in. I agree to stop any activity if I feel uncomfortable with it in any way.

6. I understand that any advice given in any class, competition, seminar, exercise, or discussion by any instructor, fellow student, guest instructor, or other person at Hodgy LLC doing business as Global Martial Arts Association, or National Martial Arts, does not constitute any demand of me or is not a substitute or constitutes any type of medical advice.

7. I agree to follow all the rules as they are given to me both in writing and orally at any Global Martial Arts Association, or National Martial Arts event, seminar, class, or private instruction. I have read and understood both pages of this agreement and release.

(Photo and Video Release)

8. I hereby grant Hodgy LLC the irrevocable right to use my name (or any fictitious name), likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performance as embodied in any video or photograph whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, slides, photographs, audio tapes, DVDs or other media now known or later developed. This grant includes without limitation the right to edit, digitally enhance or alter, mix or duplicate and to use or re-use the Video in whole or part, as Videographer, Hodgy LLC, may elect. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy or any other products that may be created in connection therewith. Hodgy LLC shall have complete ownership of the Video in which I appear, including copyright interests.

Hodgy LLC Cancellation and Refund Policy

Prior to four weeks before the start of the event, you may CANCEL your registration for a full refund.
If it is within four weeks of the beginning of the event, you have two options:

a. TRANSFER the monies, minus the registration fee, to another training event that is taking place within 12 months.
b. Get a REFUND of your monies MINUS the static expenses associated with the event. These expenses include, but are not limited to: a percentage of the Instructor’s salary and flight, facility costs, lodging, and promotion.

If you do not pass a course, you will NOT be issued a refund. You are, however, able to retake the same course at no additional charge within 12 months.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Global Martial Arts Association disclaims all liability between itself and any member school or registered member. The GMMA is for informational purposes only, and shall not be held responsible for the actions of any student members, instructor members, school members, and leadership board members. The views, thoughts, opinions, and statements of GMAA members, certified instructors, and member schools do not reflect those of the Global Martial Arts Association, and it should not be held liable for them before mentioned.
You agree to not represent or claim to be an employee or representative of the Global Martial Arts Association. Any certificate of completion earned through a Global Martial Arts Association event is purely for educational and personal learning.
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