TFCSR Formalizing Membership and Action Step Survey
If you are receiving this form, it is because you are a St. Olaf staff or faculty member. This form is designed to solicit participation in the Task Force to Confront Structural Racism at St. Olaf College. For Task Force communication, we have created an email alias:

If you are interested in taking on a role in the Task Force, please first fill out this form and then proceed to adding your information to the attached spreadsheet below, so we may gather information about participants. In order to further our goal of transparency, all meetings will be open to anyone who wishes to attend, which means that one's presence at a meeting will not reflect specific membership ties to the Task Force.

We have divided participation into three levels of commitment for each area (co-chair, member, volunteer).

"CHAIR" = ultimately responsible for organization and implementation (there can be more than one chair per subcommittee).*

*If you identify as white and would like to be chair or co-chair, you either need to have had anti-racism training or be in a training program this summer. For faculty, there is a summer training opportunity available by searching for "Becoming Anti-racist: A Learning Series for White Liberal Teachers." For anyone, you can sign up for courses at the Equity Learning Institute ( If you cannot afford these trainings we will work to develop a fund to help help offset costs.

"MEMBER" = part of every aspect of organization and implementation, but not in charge.

"VOLUNTEER" = can be called on to help when more hands are needed to get the work done.

On behalf of the Organization and Logistics Subcommittee of the Task Force to Confront Structural Racism at St. Olaf College,
Kelly, Rehanna, Alyssa, Theresa, Anja, Mary, Deanna, and Nancy
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