CIRTL Spring 2016 Meeting 10: The First Day of Class
After you read the two short documents from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and pick the name you want the students to call you, please answer these questions. Your answers will us focus the discussions we have together.

Please try to complete the form by 12 noon on Wednesday, March 30 so we can analyze your responses for our meeting on Thursday.


Peter Newbury
Tom Holme

Your name
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When you're the instructor, what do you want your students to call you?
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Are there any particular reasons why that's the name you've chosen for yourself?
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What name(s) don't you want your students to call you (to address you in class or in emails -- nobody wants to be called "Hey you!")
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How do you feel about "ice breaker" activities in the first class where the instructor gets students to do something to meet each other? Check all that apply:
If you've experienced a good ice breaker activity, as a student, TA, or the instructor, briefly describe the activity:
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