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Name and year of child(ren) at school
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I feel welcome at Knighton Normal School.
I feel involved in the life of the school.
The school keeps me well informed about school events and my child’s progress
The school keeps me well informed about my child’s progress
Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities.
I visit the school web site regularly.
The School’s Newsletter provides up to date information about coming events.
The School’s Newsletter celebrates the students’ successes.
I feel comfortable raising concerns.
Knighton Normal School values cultural differences.
I am happy with the School’s learning and teaching programmes.
Learning and teaching at Knighton Normal sets my children up for success in their lives.
Classrooms are well resourced (e.g. equipment, books, technology).
My child understands how they are progressing as a learner and what their next steps are.
My child understands what it means to be a Knighton Normal School learner.
The school’s programmes are effective in transitioning students to Knighton Normal.
Staff are positive role models.
Knighton Normal School promotes positive student attitudes and values.
The one thing, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, that makes Knighton Normal School a great place is……….
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The one thing, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, that needs to change to make Knighton Normal School more effective for its learners is……..
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I would be interested in attending a parent session on………………………. (please indicate topic and a time of the day that best suits).
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The information I would like to know about in my child’s reports is……..
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What does our school do to engage with families and whaanau?
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What can we do to improve how parents / whaanau can relate to our school?
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What is your preferred way of your school communicating with you about your child's learning and general information?
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