2019 StatPREP Workshop Application
The StatPREP project helps faculty learn to teach modern methods of data analysis in introductory statistics courses by providing workshops, webinars, and online resources. StatPREP is funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE-1626337).

StatPREP workshops last for a day and a half (usually Friday afternoon and all day Saturday). Workshops are open to anyone teaching post-secondary introductory statistics during the 2019-2020 academic year. There is no fee for attending the workshop, and all materials and meals during the workshop are included. There is a $100 stipend available to help cover travel expenses for workshop participants.

-----> Deadline: By April 17, 2019, please 1) submit this form and 2) have your department chair or dean provide a letter in support of your participation (more details below).

-----> Note: If you attended a StatPrep workshop in Summer 2018 (Hartford, College of the Canyons, St. Catherine, Highline) do not compete this form. Contact your Hub Leader to register for a Summer 2019 workshop.

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Letter of support
We encourage workshop participants to gain the support of others at your institution. To that end, please arrange for your department head or dean (or a person in a similar position) to provide a letter indicating support for your participation in StatPREP as well as their interest in having you use and adapt StatPREP lessons, as you deem appropriate, at your institution.

Email the letter to Prof. Mike Brilleslyper at statprep@maa.org
Deadline: April 17, 2019

A letter of support is needed from my department chair or dean.
What we ask of you
StatPREP workshops are organized in eight major metropolitan areas that will become StatPREP Hubs. Each area has a Hub Leader, typically a statistics instructor living in the area, who will provide follow-up support after the workshop. Workshop participants also become part of their regional Hub, providing and receiving peer support, attending webinars, or adapting and sharing teaching materials to fit local teaching styles and students. You do not have to attend a StatPREP workshop to be part of a Hub.
If selected as a participant in a StatPrep workshop, will you make good faith efforts to be an active member of the regional Hub by: (1) Attending two consecutive summer workshops; (2) Contributing to Hub activities; (3) Making a reasonable effort to implement skills and ideas learned in the StatPREP workshop. *
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