NGSS Premortem
This short questionnaire accompanies the blog post, "What will be different this time? Thoughts on NGSS implementation Part 2," available at: It was also shared at the 2016 Geological Society of America Meeting at the conclusion of the talk, "What is Different This Time? The NGSS, Prior Educational Reform Initiatives, and Thoughts on Averting Another Failed Reform Effort."

In recognition of my busy schedule and in hopes that the contributions here will spark a continued discussion, I won't promise a personal follow up from me. I aspire to it, though! If you wish to share your email address, there's a chance you might hear from me, or from someone else who finds your ideas of interest. Part 3 of the series of blog posts that generated the questionnaire will discuss the responses to the premortem collectively, assuming that there are some!

Once you submit your survey response, you'll be able to see the responses of others. Share your name and email address if you wish to.

Please note that by participating in this survey, you understand that it is a community discussion -- responses may be used in publications and presentations, and your responses will be publicly available. If you don't want that, this would not be the right place to share your views.

If I need to remove nasty comments, I will. But I don't anticipate that.

What state are you from?
Prospective Hindsight
After imagining the year 2026 with the NGSS having failed, say why it failed.
1. You might answer any of these questions, or a question(s) of your own: Why didn't NGSS change things? What went wrong? What did we fail to do or do badly? Or was it just a big and complicated bad idea to begin with?
Your answer
How can we prevent the predicted failure?
Failure didn't really happen already, at least not yet. We were using our imaginations. Note that the question asks what you will personally do to prevent the failure. In your response, you might get into what people other than you should do as well, but give thought to what you will do to catalyze their actions.
2. What will you personally do to prevent the problems you predicted in question 1?
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