Help Malden for Warren Get Out the Vote!
Your help is needed in Malden as the campaign's focus shifts from persuading undecided voters to making sure every single one of Elizabeth's supporters votes on November 6th!

Many volunteers are needed on Election Day and in the final days before the election to maximize the effectiveness of our GOTV effort. Whether you have volunteered before or not, now is the time to raise your hand!

Let us know what you would like to do and when you are available. An organizer will contact you with more details, and role-specific training will be provided.
During the Final Week
We'll be contacting Elizabeth's supporters and talking to them about voting on Election Day.
Canvassing door-to-door
Making Phone Calls
Canvassing or Phone Calls
Fri Nov 2nd, 10AM - 1PM
Fri Nov 2nd, 1PM - 4PM
Fri Nov 2nd, 4PM - 7PM
Fri, Nov 2nd, 7PM - 9PM (volunteer confirmation)
Sat Nov 3rd, 10AM - 1PM
Sat Nov 3rd, 1PM - 4PM
Sat Nov 3rd, 4PM - 7PM
Sat, Nov 3th, 7PM - 9PM (volunteer confirmation)
Sun Nov 4th, 10AM - 1PM
Sun Nov 4th, 1PM - 4PM
Sun Nov 4th, 4PM - 7PM
Sun, Nov 4th, 7PM - 9PM (volunteer confirmation)
Mon, Nov 5th, 10AM - 1PM
Mon, Nov 5th, 1PM - 4PM
Mon, Nov 5th, 4PM - 7PM
Mon, Nov 5th, 7PM - 9PM (volunteer confirmation)
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Election Day, Tuesday Nov 6th
On the big day we need the following volunteers:

Poll Watchers: To staff polling locations and record which of Elizabeth's supporters have voted and ensure that this information is entered into our voter database. This allows us to effectively target those supporters who have not yet voted and make sure they get to the polls. Ideally, we would like 2 people per location, one to listen and record votes and another with a smartphone or 3G tablet to enter data using our MiniVAN system. Filling these roles is currently our highest priority!

Poll Dressers: To hold signs at the polls.

Canvassers: To go door to door, contacting supporters who have not yet voted.

Phone callers: To call supporters who have not yet voted.

Drivers: To provide voters with rides to the polls, transport for canvassers to their locations, or miscellaneous errands.

If you are willing to fill multiple roles and/or shifts, please check all that apply. We will place you where the greatest need is!

Poll Watch on Election Day
This is extremely high priority!
Canvass on Election Day
Make Phone Calls on Election Day
Hold Signs At the Polls
Please indicate what times you are available.
Provide Transportation
Please indicate what times you are available.
About You
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Home phone
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I have a laptop.
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I have a car.
Don't forget to fill your gas tank!
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I have legal training.
(practicing lawyer, paralegal, or law degree/law student)
I have prior poll watching experience.
What is you preferred Ward/Precinct for poll activities?
I have a restaurant and/or can donate food for campaign workers at the staging location.
Anything else we should know?
Please let us know if there other ways you think you might be able to help the campaign here in Malden, or if you have any scheduling constraints we should know about.
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