Weber Adult Education Orientation
By answering the following questions, you will speed up the process to get you started at Weber Adult Ed. Please answer honestly and understand that this information will help us help you to achieve your goals.
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While in school, did you have an IEP (SPED) for any of the following? *
What are current barriers that you are experiencing that might impact your schooling?
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What are you looking to complete while at Weber Adult Ed? (Check all that apply) *
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What is your ultimate career goal/career pathway? (Please look at provided Career Pathways handout for examples of related careers.) *
What would you like to do for your job/career after Weber Adult Ed? *
There is a chance that we can dual enroll you with Ogden Weber Technolgy College (OTEC formally ATC) to start you in a certificate program while you are working on your academic goal with us at Weber Adult Education. You would not need to pay for this program. Are you interested in being dual-enrolled with OTEC? *
Are you interested in attending a university (Weber State, USU, U of U, out-of-state, other) after finishing with Weber Adult Ed? *
Are you interested in any employment opportunities with our community partners? *
Do any of the following situations apply to you, currently or formerly? Please check all that apply:
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