Audiology services 2019
We would really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about the Audiology services you us. This will help to enable us to find out what is working well and any areas that may need improving. It would be great if you could complete all the questions that apply to you.
General audiology and communication questions
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Are you a Bexley Borough resident?
How long have you had a hearing impairment?
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How would you describe your hearing loss?
Has your GP practice flagged on your medical records that you have a hearing impairment?
How was the referral process from the GP to audiology?
Please comment on the referral process
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Have your GP/Audiologist asked you about your communication needs/how you prefer to be contacted and recorded this on your records?
How would you like to be contacted?
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Do communication problems put you off making appointments with an audiologist or other health services?
Where do you go for audiology services(hearing tests/hearing aids/aftercare?
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Do you need help making your appointment?
If yes who helps you?
At your Audiology appointment
Was a hearing loop available if needed?
Do you need an interpreter?
If yes, was an interpreter booked for you?
How long did you have to wait before you could get an appointment?
How did you know when it was your turn to be seen at your appointment?
Have you ever missed an appointment due to your hearing impairment?
If yes please comment about a time you missed an appointment because you didn't hear when called
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Are your appointments long enough ie not rushed/ give you time to talk?
Please comment on the length of your appointment
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Did the audiologist look at you, make eye contact and speak clearly?
Did you understand what the audiologist told you?
Were you treated with dignity and respect at your appointment?
Please rate your audiology service
Please comment on your rating
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Are you happy with your hearing aid?
Do you own an NHS and privately purchased hearing aid?
If yes, why did you choose to buy a second hearing aid?
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Does your hearing aid have a hearing loop facility?
If you chose to not have a hearing loop facility why did you make this choice?
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Do you know how to use a hearing loop?
Aftercare and support
Where do you go for your aftercare services and why (batteries/tubing/repairs)?
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Do you have to book an appointment for aftercare and maintenance ie batteries/tubing changes?
If you have to book an aftercare appointment. How long do you normally have to wait for an appointment?
Is a drop in service available for maintenance ie new batteries?
Are you satisfied with the aftercare service?
Please comment on your aftercare service
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Please rate your aftercare
Have you been shown/told how to maintain and look after your hearing aid?
Comments on maintaining your hearing aid
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Do you need help putting your hearing aid in?
If yes who helps you?
Do you know how to comment/make a complaint about audiology services?
Do you receive support for your hearing loss?
If yes, where do you get support from? ie Bexley Deaf Centre, Deafplus, RAD
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Have you ever been offered the opportunity to learn to lip read?
Would you be interested in learning to lip read?
Do you use British Sign Language?
Would you be interested in learning British Sign Language?
Have you ever been offered training/advice re living with hearing loss?
Would you be interested in training/advice re living with your hearing loss?
Do you feel isolated as a result of your hearing loss?
Please comment if you feel isolated as a result of hearing loss
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Any other comments
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Thank you for taking part in this questionnaire.
If you would like us to contact you about your comments, please provide your name and contact details below and let us know how you would like us to contact you. We will not share your details with anyone else.
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