Coahoma Early College High School Staff End of the Year Survey for 2019-2020 SY
Please fill out the following survey to assist in the planning for the 2019-2020 school year. The goal is to work to improve school quality and increase student achievement. Obtaining your view about the school is an important part of this process. Your cooperation is appreciated.
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1. Leadership at Coahoma ECHS support an innovative and collaborative culture.
2.The school's leadership hold themselves accountable for the success of the school.
3. School leaders hold faculty and staff accountable for student learning.
4. School leaders engage effectively with faculty and staff regarding the improvement of student learning.
5. School administrators act with integrity and professionalism.
6. School administration advocates for effective instruction for all students.
7. School administration considers various viewpoints when making decisions.
8. I feel like the school administrators care about me.
9. Instructional materials are made available to staff.
10. The school provides teachers with meaningful professional development.
11. Teachers receive regular feedback on how they are doing in the classroom.
12. Assessment results are used to drive professional learning/development activities.
13. Professional development is designed to build capacity among all faculty and staff.
14. Check the following academic areas that are in most need of assistance.
15. Please describe why you choose the academic areas listed above. Give details on how the academic area can be improved, be specific about what can improve the chosen area.
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16. Teachers use a variety of approaches and activities to help students learn.
17. Classroom activities are interesting and stimulating.
18. The school environment is conducive to learning.
19. Student discipline is managed well.
20. Students receive regular feedback about what they need to do to improve academically.
21. Students receive extra help and remediation when they need it.
22. The school makes a special effort to contact the parents of students who are struggling academically.
23. The school provides information to families about how to help their child/children succeed in school.
24. What are some things you accomplished this year that you are proud of?
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25. What is something that you tried in your classroom for the first time this year? How did it go?
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26. What is something you found frustrating this year?
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27. What is something you would change about this year if you could? *
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28. What is one way you grew professionally this year?
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29. What has caused you stress this year?
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30. In what ways did you show team work on campus and to colleagues.
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31. What was the biggest mistake you made this year?
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32. What was the most valuable thing you learned this year?
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33. What changes would you make in the student handbook to make your job easier or to make you feel more supported? Why
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34. List any additional comments for school improvement campus-wide.
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