2020 American Jewish League for Israel Scholarship Application
Thank you for applying for an AJLI scholarship to study in Israel during the August 2020- August 2021 academic year!

As part of the application process, we request that you submit through email IN PDF FORMAT:
o 1-2 letters of recommendation,
o Your most recent transcript and
o A letter of acceptance to your study program in Israel (Upon Availability)

The following application form, and the materials mentioned above are *** due by April 15, 2020 ***

We strongly recommend drafting and editing all essay responses in word or a similar format before submission in the following application form.

For more information please visit us at our website: http://www.americanjewishleague.org/scholarships/

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the Application Due Date?
The application must be submitted in its entirety by April 15, 2020 in order to be considered. Unfortunately, we are unable to make provisions to review applications beyond that date.

2. When will the AJLI scholarships be announced?
The AJLI Board typically decides on its scholarship recipients by June. All applicants will be notified of their application status.

3. How much is awarded under the AJLI scholarship program?
The scholarship awards typically range from $4,000 to $6,000, and are designed to help defray the costs of tuition at your study program in Israel.

4. How many scholarships are awarded?
Depending on the number of qualified applications, we have typically awarded 5 to 6 scholarships each year.

5. How are scholarship proceeds disbursed?
All scholarship proceeds will be disbursed directly to your study program in Israel. We are unable to disburse funds directly to the scholar, or defray non-tuition related costs.

6. Who can apply for these AJLI scholarships?
The AJLI Scholarship program's mission to foster Jewish spiritual and cultural values through the experience of living and studying in Israel and, at the same time, strengthen the ties that bind Jews in the United States to Jews in Israel so that upon returning to the United States, scholarship winners will be better able to communicate those ties to American Jewry. Any person, regardless of background or faith, that helps further this mission is encouraged to apply.

7. What are the 2020 Essay Questions?
o Describe your role in a project or organization that made you proud. (100-500 words)

o Why are you passionate about your intended field of study and/or studying in Israel?  Please explain what you wish to achieve during your time in Israel. (200-500 words)

o How you would further the connection between the US and Israel either during your studies or afterward? (50-500 words)

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