Your views on the effects of your savings and investments
What is this about?

Many of us give to charities or volunteer to help the causes we care about. But did you know that the money you save or invest could also affect the causes you care about around the world?

Why do this public feedback form?

The Department for International Development wants to hear from you - what causes do you care about and would you like your investments and savings to help towards them?

In addition to this public feedback form, we are running a nationally representative survey that will tell us what the UK population thinks about responsible and impactful investing. The purpose of this form is to gather feedback from anyone who wishes to participate. The results of this public feedback form and the survey will be used to work with industry to make it easier for people to invest responsibly.

It should take you around 5 - 10 minutes to respond to this feedback form.

Want to get involved?

To find out more go to:
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