Ashland PD Student Survey Time 2
New York University would like your opinions on your perceptions about the Ashland Police Department. As you may know, the Department recently launched a pilot to install “Peace Officer” decals on police vehicles. We would like your perceptions on this pilot. This is anonymous, which means we won’t be collecting your name or any other identifying information. We appreciate your openness and accuracy. Thank you for completing this survey!
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1. Students are generally very supportive of the Police Department
2. The Ashland Police Department makes me feel safe in my community
3. I feel that the police are easier on me than my parents
4. I feel that the police push me around
5. I feel that I have a good relationship with the Ashland Police Department
6. The police are usually polite
7. The police do a dangerous and difficult job
8. The police think that they can do what they want
9. The police don’t understand young people
10. I feel that the police overreact to situations
11. The police deserve more public support
12. The police are just ordinary people
13. Do you believe that it is possible for the police and community to have a better relationship?
14. I believe the School Resource Officer is essential in maintaining positive relationships with the community
15. I prefer that School Resource Officers be referred to as “Peace Officers”
16. I have seen the decals saying “Peace Officer” on Ashland police vehicles
17. I am in favor of “Peace Officer” decals on police department vehicles
18. In your opinion, how might the “Peace Officer” decals change how the public feels about the police department?
19. Please provide your feedback on the decals themselves - appearance, location on the police vehicles, etc.
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15. Is there anything you feel is important for us to know? Please include your comments below:
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