London National Park City Fair - Stall Holder Application
Saturday, 29th JUNE 2019
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL
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About the Event
The second London National Park City Fair and Talks will take place at and near Conway Hall on Saturday 29th JUNE 2019. Note this is in JUNE and not during the Festival at the end of July. The Fair will introduce the first year of the National Park City, and set the agenda for the next 12 months.

This FREE event will consist of a series of inspiring and challenging talks and presentations introducing fascinating topics and Londoners in the main hall and a Volunteering & Experiences fair which will be based outside in and around the Red Lion Square.

We want to intrigue people into getting to know London in a different way, and to then get involved in making a difference.

The National Park City Talks will exploring weird and wonderful topics.

The fair will give Londoners a chance to meet the fantastic and energetic organisations and companies that are making a difference every day in our city. And for those organisations to share the opportunities and experiences that they offer.

The Opportunity For You
Do you have volunteering opportunities or experiences that you can offer? Something for people to help out with or to try out? Then we’d love to help you showcase your offer as part of our Volunteering & Experiences fair!

At the fair we’ll have stands where you can share what you do and what people can get involved in. The fair will run from 11am to 4pm, with set-up from 10am. Due to space please limit the number of people working your stand to 2 people at a time.

*** PLEASE NOTE: We are currently working on the plan that the Fair stalls will be based OUTSIDE within covered market stalls. We want to promote the use of the outdoors in London and bring the National Park City outside to passers by. ***

We will be asking for a small donation from organisations which can afford it. We do not want the contribution to be a barrier to being involved, and we will be generous where possible.

Example of Volunteering opportunities that you may offer:
* Counting eels
* Collecting data for a mental health app
* Leading a youth group
* Removing plastic from our waterways
* Helping to protect an endangered place
* Supporting people to access nature
* Turning dead spaces into play spaces
* Mentoring
* Taking photos as part of a campaign
* Requests for people with specific skills, such as film-making or fundraising

Examples of experiences:
* Kayak down the Thames
* Skateboard in the undercroft
* Meet an Owl
* Wild Swim
* Trail running
* Walking tours
* Street art
* Mud-larking

Selection Criteria
We expect that due to demand we will not be able to offer all applicants a stand and will therefore use the following criteria to determine the selection:

1. Our fair is aimed at getting people out and about, and involved in things that celebrate and make a difference so your stand should primarily reflect that.

2. We will be seeking a range of stands reflecting
* different types of outdoor activity and experience:
* outdoor art, nature, sports, heritage, performance, water, adventure as well as green, blue and grey spaces.
* appeal to a wide range of people of different age groups and backgrounds.

3. The application form should be fully completed.

Deadline for expression of interest: Friday 24th May 2019.

We will endeavour to respond to you by Friday 31st May 2019 as to whether or not we are able to offer your organisation a stand.

Need More Info?
For more information around providing a stall please email

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