NCAGT 2021 Call for Proposals Submission
This year's conference is going virtual. Deadline for submissions: Friday, December 4, 2020

We've got options when it comes to presenting your ideas. You can choose pre-recorded session with live Q&A or a live session with moderator support.

The call for proposals is for any individual or group that would like to present at the 2021 North Carolina Association's of Gifted and Talented Annual Gifted Conference held on March 4-5. Upon completion of this form, the presenter will receive an email confirmation of submission. If your proposal is accepted, a secondary email will be sent by January 11, 2021.

If you are presenting with additional co-presenters, the main presenter should be the primary contact person (main presenter). Each additional co-presenter will need to be listed with their best email address. Do NOT use the same email address for all presenters.
What is the presenter's name? *
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If you are presenting with a group, provide the names of your co-presenters and their best email addresses. Separate each person's full name from their email with a comma and each entry with a double dash. If you are presenting alone, skip this question.
(example, first person's full name, email--next person's full name, email--etc.)
What school district or organization do you represent? *
(Use formal district name and/or organization name. Do NOT use acronyms)
What is the best email address to contact you? *
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Which conference strand does your presentation address? *
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Tell us what you want your audience to know, understand, and do with the information shared in your presentation. Explain how your presentation helps gifted students. *
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How are you qualified to present the information in your proposed session? *
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What type of session would best fit your presentation? *
(Presenters submitting a poster session are encouraged to consider submitting a separate round table session that translates the poster content into practice)
What is your experience level with presenting virtually? *
Do you have the capability to pre-record a presentation with quality sound and production value if necessary? *
Are you interested in repeating your session during the conference? *
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Any questions/concerns? Is there anything else we need to know?
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