Outreach & Promotion Managers: Interest Form
Fulbridge is seeking Outreach Managers to oversee promotion and outreach in their respective regions (i.e., Latin America, East Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Europe, Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa). This is a leadership position that enables candidates to develop leadership skills alongside outreach experience.

Position duties include:
- Outreach: Contacting Fulbright Commissions and other constituents in your region to establish Fulbridge in new countries. Developing outreach strategies based on the best timing to contact Commissions and ETAs; developing developing new approaches for outreach efforts that can overcome specific outreach hurdles. Promotion using social media as necessary.
- Recruitment: Following up on outreach efforts to recruit Country Representatives among ETAs in contacted countries.

Ideal candidates will be:
- Self-organized and self-directed; able to set own goals and schedule; able to carry out a leadership role with minimum supervision
- Collaborative and active team members who enjoy working with others
- Able to communicate professionally with Commissions while also able to craft messages that will appeal to other audiences (like current ETAs)
- Creative thinkers who are excited to contribute new ideas and approaches

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How might you present Fulbridge in an email to a group of ETAs who have never heard of Fulbridge before? How might you "market" the project? What steps would you suggest for getting involved?
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