ELAC - Canvas Site Requests
Please use this form to request your Canvas live or development sites each semester.

Live sites are used to teach with and have a section number and semester associated with them.

Development sites are used to develop courses and do not have semesters, section numbers or students. You can migrate content from a development site to a live site, at any time.

You can now submit one site request for multiple courses.

Have you completed Canvas LMS training? *
Canvas site is available to all faculty, but Canvas LMS training is highly recommended for those who would like to be shown the necessary skills and knowledge to utilize Canvas efficiently.
If you are certified to teach with Canvas, please tell us where and when you received training.
(ex: elac, summer 2016) Dates can be approximate. If you received your Canvas training at another campus or organization, please email a copy of your certificate of completion to the DE coordinator at dawpe@elac.edu
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Your First and Last Name *
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Course Names & Section Numbers *
Example: Philosophy 001, section 12123 (List ALL of the courses and sections that you want a canvas site for. If requesting a development site, omit section number.)
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Choose a semester from the menu below if you plan to teach with your Canvas site. If you just want an empty Canvas site to build a course and/or house your content, choose “Development Site” from the menu below. *
LACCD Academic/Faculty Email Address *
We need your academic email address. (ex: SMITHJ@faculty.laccd.edu) / If you do not know what your academic email address is, please contact the IT department at 323-265-8700, before submitting this form. Academic email addresses do not end with "@elac.edu".
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Do you wish to combine any of your course sites?
Please let us know the sections that you wish to have our office combine for you.
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