The District Coyote Project
Thank you for submitting your sightings! Your data will be used to guide our research and outreach efforts so that we can better understand our wild canid populations. We appreciate your time. Note that because so many people are involved, written permission from the District Coyote Project must be obtained before the map and overall data can be used for other purposes, with the exception of our established partners. However, you retain ownership over your individual sightings and any other information you provide!
Report Your Coyote or Fox Encounter Here!
Thanks for reporting your coyote or fox sighting! This information will help us better understand our wild canid populations.

Coyotes and foxes can look similar at times, especially when seen at a distance. For more guidance, see the photographs below. If you're interested in learning more, visit our website at We're also interested in whether or not you hear a coyote or fox, or see signs of them such as scat or dens. All of these species have distinct vocalizations; see for some examples.
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