Slink West - Creator Application
The Slink West Group (secondlife:///app/group/a65f4ae7-af66-15e7-618f-287c0f5cbb9f/about) is for promoting NEW Releases of Slink Compatible items to an audience interested in Slink products and Slink compatible products. If you are an approved content creator of Slink Appliers and Slink Mesh add ons, you can request access to the advertiser role by completing the following form.

If you are a creator and do not have a Slink creators kit, you can apply for one here:

GROUP NOTICE RULES (there are only 5, and they are easy!)

⚫ You may only post ONE notice per 7 days (between Monday & Sunday), containing NEW releases only. Not promotions, not sales, not reminders of last weeks release, not just Landmarks to your store.

⚫ Your notice must contain a NOTECARD with images of your new release and a landmark/URL to your store

⚫ Your notice must be for Slink compatible releases - this means appliers made using Slink HUD scripts, fitted mesh made using the Slink Physique kits, shoes made using Slink feet mesh kits.
✧ Mesh made for other bodies may not be advertised in Slink West
✧ Mesh made for standard sizes that just happen to fit Physique on a certain slider setting may not be advertised in Slink West
✧ Appliers using HUD systems other than Slink may not be advertised in SlinkWest
(These products have their own groups you can use to advertise)

⚫ Your notice must be tailored to the Slink West group.

⚫ Your notice must be G rated - Suitable for all audiences. If your notice contains content that depicts violence, sexual or other adult content your posting privileges will be removed.

Advertising to Slink West is a privilege and a perk of being a creator of Slink compatible appliers and mesh items.
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Please ensure you have read the group rules above. Anyone found to be sending notices that do not comply with the notice guidelines will receive one reminder, and then posting privileges will be suspended.
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