Post Adoption Email Campaign Set Up
To set up and maintain your Post Adoption Email Series, we will need information regarding adoption status plus your preferences for customizations.  ALL emails will be sent to you and available for you to see prior to implementation and reports will be provided at the end of each month with details regarding sent, open and click rates!

The overall purpose of these emails are to nurture relationships Post Adoption.  Included will be a positive, appreciative, supportive tone with friendly reminders, gentle asks and simple tips/best practices for transitioning pets into new homes with new family members.

Use the below to go through the following sections:
#1 - Adopter Email Access
#2 - MailChimp Email Campaigns
#3 - Personalizations/Greetings
#4 - Follow Up Reminders
#5 - Additional Asks
#6 - Footer Options

To View An Example Email - View the Demo Link Below (this is the 24 Hr Post Adoption Email Example)

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Organization Name/Abbreviation *
Adopter Emails are intended to serve as a Post-Adoption Relationship Builders.  It's important Sploot has access to adopter information so we can send out the first email within 3 days of adoption to Congratulate and Thank adopters PLUS remind them of immediate next steps for your organization and offer some helpful guidance about transitioning pets into new homes.

Post Adoption Emails go out 24 hours, 1 week, 30 days and 60 days from the date we receive adopter information.

Please provide us with some details to help us ensure timely follow up with adopters.  

*Note: Sploot will NOT provide details to any brands or other organizations nor will we utilize this information for our own marketing purposes outside this agreed email campaign.*. We are happy to sign any additional confidentiality agreement in additional to the disclosures within the initial Opt-In form you completed expressing same.
We will need direct access to a system which captures Adopter Details (Adopter Name, Email Address, Dog/Cat Adoption). Please confirm how you would like to relay adopter information for Post Adoption Follow Up Campaigns. *
Please check which days you are performing adoptions/updating adoption status in your systems (this helps us ensure timely follow up) *
Sploot will utilize MailChimp for the Post Adoption Automation Series.  We will manage the complete design, set up, implementation and maintenance for this series.    You will have the option below to customize the "Sender" information for emails to your adopters.  The benefits of utilizing one system for this series includes:

1) Ensures complete implementation of automated campaigns based on pre-determined trigger dates
2) Reporting to measure Click & Open Rates (this will help us analyze best practices for marketing strategies on an ongoing basis to help optimize success for your donation potential from referral codes)
3) Limits risk of send failure or confusion with current email campaigns in place for organizations
4) Ensures consistency of campaigns for all Pet Welfare Organizations
5) Eliminates Shelter Software conflict of interest/ Brand Promotion restrictions
Do you currently have your own MailChimp Account set up for your organization to send to adopters? *
What SENDER NAME would you like to use (the name adopters will see emails are coming from)? ie; ORG Adoptions, ORGFULLNAME, ORGABBREVIATED, etc. *
What SENT FROM email address would you like to use (the email address adopters will see the email is coming from - must be)? *
If the above email address is a domain email (ie,, we will send you a verification email in which you need to forward to us within 8 hours.  We will reach out to notify you the date we will send your verification email so you can be on the lookout for it!  All other emails (gmail, hotmail, outlook) will NOT need a verification email sent.  This just confirms to MailChimp we do have permission to send emails using the sender information you provide. *
If an adopter happens to "reply" to an email, what email address would you like the responses sent to? *
Below, write out any personalization you would like to be used on your email series.  If you already have a follow up email and would like us to extract content from those emails, please EMAIL them to

Examples include:
1st Email:  CONGRATS on bringing home your new pet!  We are so excited and grateful amazing adopters like you opened your heart and home to one of our deserving pets!

1 Week Checkin:  Welp - it's been a week!  We hope things are going well and you and your new pet are settling into a routine and enjoying each other!

30 Day Checkin: Can you believe its been a MONTH?!?
Email Personalization Preferences: *
1st Email (24-48hrs): Provide any and all content and links below:
2nd Email (7 Days): Provide any and all content and links below:
3rd Email (30 Days): Provide any and all content and links below:
Please provide details regarding reminders you would like us to include in your follow up emails.    If you already have a follow up email reminders and would like us to extract content from those emails, please EMAIL them to

These would be items like:
Remember to register your microchip at ABC
Make sure to go to your first Well Visit within 14 Days
Check In with an Update at LINK
Take your license to the local registrar at: ADDRESS
Recommend us on SOCIAL MEDIA
Join Our Adopters Private Group at LINK

Follow Up Reminder Preferences: *
EMAIL REMINDER #1: Provide any and all content and links below:
EMAIL REMINDER #2: Provide any and all content and links below:
EMAIL REMINDER #3: Provide any and all content and links below:
EMAIL REMINDER #4: Provide any and all content and links below:
EMAIL REMINDER #5: Provide any and all content and links below:
Below are options we encourage Pet Welfare Orgs to include in follow up emails in an effort to convert adopters to Long Term Supporters.  We are very "gentle" in the ask - but we DO ask!  Please check the additional asks you'd like us to include in your emails.
Select Additional Asks (check all that apply)
Describe OTHER above if applicable.
#6 - FOOTER Options
Provide us with any additional details you would like to see at the FOOTER of your emails.  This can include your Charity Status Disclosure with EIN, Contact Info, a Tagline, etc.
Describe OTHER above if applicable.
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