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I'm so excited to attend Lay All Your Books on Me!! And I'm sure you are as well! There are truly some amazing authors attending!
For those of you that don't know me, I write military romance, usually with disabled characters. I have over 40 books published now, almost 24 in print. I don't plan on bringing a bunch of anything because I'm driving from Kentucky.
If you would like a PRINT book signed TO YOU, please preorder here.
The books will not be signed until we are at the signing itself. You have the option to pay for the books now or at the signing.

I'm so excited to see everyone!!!

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If you're not sure which books you would like you may check my website at . Here's a link to the printable book list on my website.
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If you're paying for the books ahead of time, you may PayPal me at . (If you would use the 'friends and family' option I'll give you big smooches when I see you!) If you need an invoice, please leave your email below.
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Thank you so much for ordering ahead of time. I know my preorder is later than others, but only because I've been writing more brilliant words for you to devour! Lol. Can't wait to see everyone!
J.M. Madden (Jennifer)
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