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Members and friends of PG can submit a proposal to lead an interactive workshop. Workshops must fall into one of three of our Focus areas: Character Development, Content Support, and Leadership. All Sessions must be interactive and comprise of activities that pushes the boundaries of learning for or participants. We ask that you think outside of the box. This is just a sample. Workshop leaders will the opportunity to update their responses if chosen.
Please email if you have any questions. Deadline to submit is January 25th. You will be notified on February 1st.
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Provide a summary of what your Workshop would entail. This will be sent out to members to encourage them to choose your workshop. Don't worry, you will have the opportunity to update it if your session is chosen.
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What goals will you achieve from this session?
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How will this have this have an impact on our participants, long term?
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Workshops will be 75 minutes long. On the agenda, we want to see how you will utilize the time to engage in members and achieve the overall learning objective. TITLE UPLOAD: LastName.FirstName_WorkshopTitle
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